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HeartBeat Networks Hospital Management System is an end-to-end, most complete and multi-functional hospital management system is ideal way to manage complete hospital operation that suites to almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It is designed to support rapidly growing Health Care Data Management needs.

HeartBeat Networks telemedicine solution helps health systems extend care to patients in their homes while offering a continuous and more complete picture of their health. This enables proactive and timely intervention and improved clinical efficiency.

A user-friendly platform

To optimize the user experience, HeartBeat Networks offers powerful functionality with practical usability.

Adaptable Tech

With a flexible system, clients have the choice of cloud or on-premise server application for both Mac and PC platforms. Enjoy easy access to comprehensive information from anywhere and anytime.

Patient Charting

Keep a comprehensive record of your patients' data and medical history using specialty-specific modules.

Why HeartBeat-Networks?

• Integrated Health intelligence that offer insights which boost decision support to improve quality of care, increase patient satisfaction, and operate more efficiently

• Helps Hospitals to improve operational / financial performance and the quality of patient care

• Implementation of Heart-Beat Networks’ MIS Interface has enabled the systems to have better control and monitoring over lab usage. With the new control mechanism, all re-tests and unbilled tests are traceable while capturing the direct output from the equipment.

• Through online prescriptions, Pharmacy staff can view prescriptions online and get the medicines ready before the patient reaches the counter. This has tremendously reduced the patient waiting in Pharmacy department.

• We deliver the best possible audio and video for whatever level of bandwidth is available, from 60 kbps to 4 Mbps. We developed our software so you could go simple, fast, highly reliable video telemedicine technology

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The Ultimate solution for Hospital and Medical Institution

HeartBeat Networks is a flexible customizable and cost effective Health Care Management Solution. Precisely Hospital Management System (HMS) has different access rights for Admin, Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Laboratories, Pharmacists, Receptionist and Accountants and support staff and other users.

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Helpful software tools and apps

HeartBeat Networks provides clinicians and caregivers a complete suite of tools and apps to make informed decisions at the point of care, manage regulatory compliance, and quickly identify process inefficiencies.

Intelligently Decision Support

Avoid adverse care events and receive person-specific, intelligently filtered and organized alerts by using Clinical Decision Support Tool.

Patient Education

Use In-build patient specific education resources categorized with specialties.

Android App
  • Patients

    Patient App is a place where patients can store their health records and access/share with their family & physicians.

  • Doctors

    HeartBeat Networkds Doctors App helps physicians digitize patients record and manage your practice with ease.

  • Others

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