The Ultimate solution for Hospital and Medical Institution.

Comprehensive web-based MIS Hospital Management System for modern hospitals & clinics

HeartBeat-Networks suite of portals is design for physician, patients, employee and hospital owners engagement, patient satisfaction, improve quality of care & operational progress, fee payments and much more amazingly easy, HeartBeat-Networks is an All in¬-one web-based Hospital Management MIS.

Why HeartBeat Networks MIS system is designed?

When Messenger2050 Technologies developed web-based Hospital Management MIS, we intentionally chose to utilize a web-based program vs. a computer-based one, because we believed it offered several advantages to our customers.

Because Heart-Beat Networks is 100% web-based, you can securely access it from any device, any time. Whether at your office, a branch location, or even on vacation, you can always log-in to your 100% Web-based hospital management system and access the information you need.

Heart-Beat Networks Web-based hospital management system is faster than computer-based ones because they are not limited by the space on your hard drive. You don’t have to worry about system slow-downs at peak-usage times, which allow you to meet critical deadlines.

You can quickly enjoy updates done by Heart-Beat Networks back-end team on your hospital management system without waiting to receive notification for download latest version. With a literal push of a button, you can have the latest versions of our Hospital Management System, which we continually update to meet your needs.

Our web-based Hospital Management System design allows you to easily add the Heart-Beat Networks modules you need to address the changing needs of your business. This flexibility increases your ROI because you won’t need to purchase a new system as your company grows – we can partner with you throughout every stage of your business cycle.

Architecture API (Application Program Interface) allows you to seamlessly integrate third-party applications with the Heart-Beat Networks MIS system.

Heart-Beat Networks 100% web-based MIS system allows the management to monitor the performance of the teams, capture, report and assess more data and identify emerging opportunities faster and more accurately.

100% Web-based Hospital management system with the modular architecture allows hospitals to build their own system and grow it to their exact needs

Whatever your hospital's requirements, you can develop an individual in-house system, while taking advantage of numerous useful standard features.

— Messenger2050 Technologies