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HeartBeat Networks Hospital Management System is an end-to-end, most complete and multi-functional hospital management system is ideal way to manage complete hospital operation that suites to almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It is designed to support rapidly growing Health Care Data Management needs.


Hospital Administrative module allows you carry out all the administrative tasks which consume a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts, easily and effortlessly. It saves a lot of time and human resource by managing many of the things which your hospital carries out on a daily basis. The user can manage hospital/clinic administrative tasks easily and make reports on daily basis of different tasks.

Admin Module can add, update, delete and maintain all hospital-related data by hospital administration module. Admin can give particular rights or access to a particular user for a different module in hospital administration software. With the help of HeartBeat Networks software, hospital/clinic admin maintains all data, create various pre structure formats, generate customized reports, add or delete hospital or trust information, etc which is done easily. You can manage the entire Hospital data in single software and it is password protected so the security level is very high as it prevents unauthorized access.

Administrative Features

Entire core operations of Hospitals are managed by the assigned admin. Major features include:

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